salon web-0162_1  3/2/2015 from Amy L.
Ruby is an outstanding stylist and colorist.She listens to your ideas about your hair, and then takes them to the next level. I always leave her chair with a fresh look and the knowledge of how to take care of my hair. She has a fantastic personality, and spending time with her in the salon is a dream.

2/1/2015 from Kristine C.
Booked an appointment a week prior to meet with Ruby Mae. I was welcomed by Ruby Mae and she offered drinks for my friend and I. I was seated and changed into a robe while she prepped. I showed her a picture of the type of style that I wanted and she made sure that the style would suite me. Ruby Mae will be straight up honest with you because she wants you to look fabulous leaving her shop! I was super satisfied

1/27/2015 from Sam E.
Ruby has been my hairstylist for nearly six years. I don’t have particularly fashionable or different cuts – but Ruby’s attention to detail and the care and focus she puts into everything she does has meant I’ve never had a hair cut that I didn’t love. On top of being great at what she does Ruby is a genuine, funny and authentic person – awesome to chat with whilst being entirely focused on making you look good.

10/29/2014 from Ariel C.
Ruby is THE BEST HAIRSTYLIST I’ve come across in my entire life. She actually takes the time to get to know the idiosyncrasies of your hair. I’ve spent years hating going to the hair salon because they never know what to do with my hair (curly and thick) and they never seem capable of giving valuable advice. Ruby is on it. My hair FINALLY looks great when I’m just rolling out of bed. She’s amazing.

8/27/2014 from Noreen A.
I was really pleased with the way Ruby listened to my ideas (and worries) about getting an angled bob and highlights for the first time – and offered her own recommendations as well. I brought some hairspiration photos and Ruby spent a good amount of talking about how we could make it work for my hair, face shape, and skin tone (about everything from the best length for me to the best shade to the amount of layers I should go for). She worked efficiently and thoroughly and I’ll certainly be going back!

8/7/2014 from Michael C.
I’ve been going to Ruby for over a year now. My (typical asian) hair is this thick, coarse, cowlicked mess, and Ruby’s been meticulous about getting everything right. The neat thing is that I have a better understanding for why my hair does what it does and various techniques to make it all blend together!

8/6/2014 from Paul J.
I’m the kind of person who is completely freaked out about seeing a new stylist. Sometimes even with the same stylist if I want to try a new style I need my wife to come with me to talk me off the ledge. Deep down it probably comes from one visit I had as a kid where the person cut my ear with the scissors while cutting my hair and I refused to go to a stylist again until I was a teenager. Or at least that’s what I tell myself so I don’t feel so neurotic.
Good news – you never have anything to fear with Ruby. She is obsessive about the details of what you want and she understands hair like no one else I’ve ever met. She won’t let you out of the chair until its perfect. Not to mention she knows style. She is so good I call her my Style Life Coach(tm).
Bonus – she is a kick ass person too. Come for the style, hang out for some laughs and good times.

6/5/2014 from Luis G.
Ruby is the best hairstylist that I’ve ever had! She’s super nice, great to chat with, very genuine and incredibly skilled. I’ve had my hair cut and colored by Ruby for several years and just booked her to do hair and makeup at my 1930’s inspired wedding.

5/28/2014 from Fara A.
Ruby is AMAZING!!! My hair has been dyed 2 in the past few months and it was a disaster!! I am so happy that I found her. She turned my brassy orange hair into a beautiful balayage! Besides her talent she is SO sweet and patient. Her attention to detail is beyond me! Can’t wait to see here again! Thanks Ruby!

3/26/2014 from Jennifer Z.
Ruby is an amazing hair stylist! She has always taken great care of my hair. Even when I was living overseas, she would squeeze me in when I came home for visits. She is a great colorist and I never left the salon unhappy. In fact, I found Ruby many years ago after a bad experience in another salon. I love going to see her its always great service and great conversation! Ruby is my go-to stylist whenever I am in California.

2/3/2014 from Deborah N.
Ruby is amazing and has such a gift for giving you the right style for you. She is also an expert with color. Ruby makes you feel comfortable and well taken care of. I trust her 100% with my hair. Her new location is so convenient and it’s such a nice space.

1/29/2014 from Vince K.
Ruby is awesome. I actually left the salon I was going to for years to follow her to her new spot on Sutter. She’s given me some of the best haircuts I’ve had as well, similar to the other reviewer.
She’s super talented, and gives incredible attention to detail. Very professional.
Plus she’s great to talk to while she’s at work!

1/19/ 2014 from Ch. F.
5 stars to Ruby! She gives me the best haircuts I have ever had! Ruby has been cutting my hair for almost two years. I can truly say, I always leave her salon happy! My hair looks great from the time I leave her salon, until I return six weeks later.
When I first moved to the U.S., I had a hard time finding a hair stylist that I trusted cutting my hair. Then, I was lucky enough to find Ruby. I can’t say enough about how happy I am with her as my hair stylist!
I get many compliments on my hair. Not just from my wife, but from friends, co-workers, and complete strangers.
If there is a haircut you would like, I would suggest that you print out a picture of it, and bring it to Ruby. That has worked well for me. Ruby has a good eye for what works, and she can give you the cut you want.

1/15/2014 from Aoi T.
Just as I began to lose faith in hair stylists in the area, this gem cut my hair one day. She has created the best cut of my adult life. I thoroughly enjoy the time that I get to spend with Ruby during my appointments, and the occasional lunch/ coffee trips are great too! She also helped my boyfriend find the right product to tame his mane.
I would recommend her to both ladies and gentlemen alike!


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