To bang or not to bang

courtney-love-babydoll bangs debbie-harry mcx-gwen-street-style-1012-2-de

When I was making the decision to cut my bangs again or not, I was looking through photos of a couple of my favorite blondies. Courtney Love, Debbie Harry, and Gwen Stefani. All have had different hairstyles, sometimes with bangs sometimes without.

I always suggest when clients want to change there hairstyle to just bring in some inspiration pictures. I did the same thing, except for when I cut my own bangs the other day, I did it at one in the morning with kitchen shears. I decided to bang, they actually turned out really nice. I mean I’ve been a professional stylist for twelve years, I don’t suggest this method for anyone.  It just worked out for me.

I went with long straight bangs, like in my inspiration pictures.  I love them down when my hair is straight (which it rarely is) or in a topknot. I wear my hair in curls pretty much everyday, so I wrap them in rollers too. I brush them into a retro wave and spray and pin them. They are good for versatility for my wardrobe. Hair is an accessory, so I’m gong to have fun with it.

xx RMC

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